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Make every sale count

EFTPOS that’s simple, integrated and secure

We put the power in your hands

Combining Odoo and Linkly Cloud, we’ll connect your EFTPOS terminals to your ERP system and any major Australian bank. The result? A simple, accurate, secure way to accept payments that gives you (and your customers) peace of mind – and more time in your day.

Havi Technology’s mastery of Odoo and Linkly delivers a streamlined sales process, from end-to-end. We’ll hook Odoo up with Linkly’s wireless solutions so your customers can pay with minimum fuss, while maximising your counter space and giving you a payment gateway to whichever major Australian financial institution you bank with.

Our integration builds a bridge between Odoo and Linkly, to give you a clearer picture of your customers’ spending patterns and behaviour. And we’ll reduce the chances of human error during payment transactions by minimising manual entry.

Complete point-of-sale integration

Odoo and Linkly are a potent combination. Together, they provide the glue that joins your point of sale to all Australia’s major banks and brands – as well as your back office (inventory, accounting, etc). This puts business intel at your fingertips, allowing you to optimise your stock, staffing and more.

Using Linkly and Odoo, we’ll give you a secure environment that allows you to integrate multiple wireless terminals with a single POS system in the cloud. We’ll remove the need for manual software installations and hardwire connections. And we’ll give you absolute clarity about every transaction, every minute of every day and night.

Linkly Integration Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Making payments work for you


Let customers pay instantly from anywhere on your premises

MORE PROFITABLE Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Serve more customers in a shorter space of time

BETTER SERVICE Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Spend less time transacting and more time talking with your customers (and make it simple for them to leave tips)

FASTER PAYMENTS Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Save you and your customers’ time, while preventing point-of-sale queues

REDUCE COSTS Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Minimise labour costs and maximise productivity (e.g. assign additional tables to each waiter while maintaining quality service)

PEACE OF MIND Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Accept payments that are secured by proven, reliable technology

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